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We Need Equality in Leadership, and We Need it Now

Human beings have a strange history of following a particular trend right or wrong for as long as they can until an individual or a group of individuals stands up and raise an objection. To put it mildly, each time an individual or group of individuals have fought for something right, it has been met with aggressive resistance, brutal behavior, shaming, name-calling, killings, and only then after the resistance is defeated has change been ushered in. This is how it primarily happened in the past.

Civil rights movement in the United States of America when black American’s fought an unprecedented battle for almost two decades in which black American’s were subject to police brutality, discrimination, killings, and every prejudice that one can think of. Similar scenes were experienced during the Gay rights movement in the USA. Throughout the world, from rights movements in the USA to fighting apartheid in South Africa, fighting against political rights and corruption in China, and many other countries across the world. The most important and recurring similarity has been of the existing leadership resisting change.

Leadership was meant to empower people, not destabilize people.

As Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

Struggle for the right things continues till today. While the violence and killings may have reduced slightly, a new platform for shaming, name-calling has taken over. Social media.

Subsequently, it is ironic to see the same platform of social media used aggressively to spread awareness on all matters important such as climate change, leadership equality, human rights, LGBTQ rights, among many other important topics.