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What do we do?


Yingfluence applies diversity thinking™ to train and transform the way professionals connect and lead their brands cross-culturally, through executive coaching, creative branding, advanced communication and global partnerships among multi-cultural communities, such as China, Latin America, and the United States. We follow our "mission-driven" guideline for fostering empathy & opportunities and have expertise in global leadership, multicultural teams, international branding, and cross-cultural management, with a multilingual think tank — "Yingfluencers", which is a "Global Cultural Broker System" that empowers cross-cultural talents to be thought leaders and create a positive influence, moving humanity a step forward.


Yingfluence is "Your China Green Pass," similar to TSA pre-check, a faster, better connected, and exclusive pass that allows you to engage with the most important stakeholders (government, media, and millennials) for your success in China. When it comes to raising capital, closing deals, increasing sales or building killer brands, we provide you with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) for your success in China.


What differentiates us from others?

• We help you navigate between what the government says and how businesses respond
• Yingfluence helps you understand how state media and social media exert influence in China.
• We help you reach Chinese millennials, who are increasingly impacting dynamic businesses



Meet The Team

Aditya Mohan
CTO and Principal

10 Years' operation and business development in the U.S., China, Brazil, India, and Turkey.  AACYF 30 under 30 Chinese entrepreneurs in the U.S.  A decade of experience working as a cross-cultural management consultant. Her clients include Forbes billionaires and executives from Facebook, LinkedIn, Cisco and Intel. She also serves as a mentor at Founders Space, the No.1 Global Accelerator for Overseas Startups. 


She is a Communication Coach at Own the Room, a trilingual correspondent of Caixin Media (part of China's most influential financial media group). She is also the author of LinkedIn China’s Dual-Brand Strategies, in which she explored theories of culture and examined stakeholder relationships in Chinese public relations practice, aiming to help the growth of multinational companies in China and Chinese companies globally. She frequently shares her expertise with others through lectures and speaking engagements at universities and millennial communities, startups, investor groups and other institutions around the globe.

Aditya has computer science research experience in distributed systems, digital communications, and AI from Intel Research Lab (Berkeley, CA), IBM Research Lab (Zurich, Switzerland), MIT Media Labs (Cambridge, MA), and HP Labs (Palo Alto, CA). He worked at Nortel Networks as an engineering, writing code for routers that form the backbone of the internet


He has both small company and big company experience. He is the founder of Skive it Inc, a Deep Learning company that is creating machines that can feel. In the past, he worked at Oracle as Manager of Business Development for 6 years, responsible for M&A, international business development, licensing, channel development, and strategic marketing in the area of IT operations, management and cloud. He also advises investment management firms, corporations, LPs, and VC firms in the area of robotics, deep learning and cloud.


Want to join us?


The Yingfluence Community (TYC) is a global cultural broker platform that connects top professionals with cross-cultural experts. It is dedicated to being the World’s largest cross-cultural thought leadership exchange platform that promotes cultural intelligence, creativity, empathy, and business opportunities. It also serves as a cross-cultural talent network and a global advisory for Yingfluence business.

Become A Yingfluencer

Who is a Yingfluencer?

A cross-cultural thought leader who is:
• Smart & empathetic
• Talented & resourceful
• Mission-driven & future-oriented
• Proficient & expressive in at least two languages
• Passionate about leading with cross-cultural impact
• Obtain Cultural Intelligence/expertise/influence in markets such as China, and other multicultural communities.


Categories of Yingfluencers:

• Authors
• Scholars
• Speakers

• Writers


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