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Yingfluencers are a network of dynamic professionals who can bring cross-cultural understanding along with domain knowledge to an engagement. With curiosity, Michael's expertise revolves around challenging mindsets based on cultural biases. Please reach out to Yingfluence to initiate an engagement:



Founder & CEO, CultureCrossing

Interculturalist & Author


Michael was raised from the age of 3 to 18 in Colombia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic. He attended three high schools over the course of four years in three different countries, an experience that forced Michael to endure repeated bouts of culture shock and planted the seeds of fascination that would eventually lead him down this career path.


After university he headed to Japan for several years, where he worked for a large Japanese company and first hung a shingle as a cross-cultural consultant some 20 years ago. Since that time, Michael earned a master’s in cross-cultural studies (yes—you can actually get a degree in this) and traveled extensively, continuously filling out his knowledge and deepening my understanding of different cultures and, consequently, his own, as his career often sends him to a different country one week a month. Michael conducted business in more than 30 countries and worked with individuals from over 75 different nationalities.


He is author of the book Culture Crossing.

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