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Yingfluencers are a network of dynamic professionals who can bring cross-cultural understanding along with domain knowledge to an engagement. Carlos'  expertise revolves private equity investment in common sense businesses in Brazil, U.S. and China.



Brazilian Entrepreneur, founder of Grupo Multi


Private Equity Investor, Billionaire



Carlos Wizard Martins was born and raised in Brazil. He always had a passion for learning foreign languages. From hisyouth he started learning English. Later on, he was accepted at Brigham Young University. After graduation, he returned to his home country and started teaching English in his home. The number of students grew and soon he decided to open an English, which he called Wizard. As his vision and ambition developed he
expanded his teaching methodology through the franchising system.


After 30 years from his graduation, Wizard schools became the largest chain of language schools in the world with 3,000 schools, creating 50,000 jobs, serving one million students per year, with locations in 10 different countries in Latin America, Europe, USA and China. Due to his success in the field of business and education he has been invited to speak at different universities including Purdue, Wharton, and Harvard.


In recent years Carlos Wizard passion for education led him to start taking Chinese lessons. During this time he has been to China over 10 times, has published two books in Beijing, (Qinghua University Press) Awaken the Millionaire Within and Dreams Have no Limits. Besides Carlos has been interviewed by CCTV and lectured in several universities speaking in Mandarin.  InBrazil Carlos Wizard is known as the Brazilian Yu Minhong because his great contribution  for education had an impact in the lives of millions of people.


In addition to education, today he manages and controls more than 10 successful companies in Brazil which placed him among the billionaires of Forbes magazine. He often says that his greatest fortune is his family. Carlos is the father of 6 children and has 18 grandchildren


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