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Yingfluencers are a network of dynamic professionals who can bring cross-cultural understanding along with domain knowledge to an engagement. Oliver's expertise revolves around mobile application design and development and the preparations for a company to go public (pre-IPO / IPO). Please reach out to Yingfluence to initiate an engagement:




Co-Founder of Votline

Pre-IPO / IPO Consultant


For the past ten years, Oliver has worked for web/mobile startup as a developmental strategist, information architect, designer, and curator. Currently, he is the co-founder of Votline which is an iPhone app aims to help young people access experienced professionals for career development and unique social opportunities.

Based in Texas,, Oliver is a social change maker, investing his philanthropic efforts to build non-profit digital projects such as TEDtoChina, FOUR Institute, WEE, and Zhenbei. He is also an advisor for youth development and educational projects such CAPE, BottleDream, Open Mind, and PAI.

Prior to coming to the United States in 2007., he worked for a decade in China in creative communication for local market especially Fujian province and Pre-IPO/IPO consulting for various industry leaders in China. 
As a lifelong thinker, I currently focus on exploring ecological psychology and working on developing a new strategical framework for social design.

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