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Global Executive Leadership Program

Organization Tour

Focus: Understanding and experiencing Business and Entrepreneurial Culture in Silicon Valley

Format: Visit innovative companies & institutes, such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Stanford University; Meet with Silicon Valley experts and acquire insider stories about their management and culture.

Focus: Global Mindset-Shifting, Diversity & Inclusion in Silicon Valley.

Format: Serve our global participants/executives with differentiated events, meaningful entrepreneurial education, and a strong commitment to mentorship; Get unique insights from top innovators in Silicon Valley; Meet face-to-face with technology, cross-cultural and mindful leaders; Explore the latest trends by engaging with multi-cultural communities in pitch events, speech, panel discussion, etc.

Creative Events

Yingfluence Training

Focus: Advanced Communication Techniques; Diversity & Innovation in Silicon Valley

Format: Yingfluence coaching and Collaborative Workshops, partnering with the most influential mentors or speaking talents, providing topnotch engagement and mentorship in Silicon Valley.

* Please contact Yingfluence for further information regarding customized programs 😊

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