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Building Bridges. Yingfluence applies diversity thinking™ to transform the way countries, companies and professionals lead their brands cross-culturally.

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Bridge over calm waters
Yingfluence, Inc. is a next-generation branding and marketing consultancy that
leverages the restless energy of the Millennial generation to create value
across borders. Through branding that taps into people’s emotional and
cognitive core, companies build foundations to scale from single markets to multi-cultural communities in China, Latin America, and the United States.
Social media, e-learning, AI, and blockchain all play a role in accelerating the success of entrepreneurs and executives who are part of The Yingfluence Community 共同体.
Most recent posts in Sphere of Yingfluence 共同体
Most recent posts in Sphere of Yingfluence


We are located in San Francisco,

and we work with clients  

both locally and globally.

Tel : +1(650)797-1851



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