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2050 USA will be hosted at OnePiece in San Francisco.

Thursday, June 14, 2018, 6-9 PM  |  OnePiece, 414 Brannan St., San Francisco, CA 94107

2050 China unconference was hosted in a small town near Hangzhou in May, 2018. The Yunqi Conference is hosted in the same venue, which is Alibaba’s annual tech event. It typically features business celebrities such as Jack Ma, Robin Li. and Dr. Wang Jian. The former CTO of Alibaba, Wang, is now chairman of the Technology Steering Committee at Alibaba Group Holding Limited, and founder of the 2050 Unconference. 2050 was designed to equip Millennials to take action, through volunteerism and entrepreneurship. Ahead of the event in May, TechNode organized the Explore Expo, an exhibition area for young tech startups looking for exposure.

Yingying Li 李莹莹 was asked to be the lead producer for a half-day session at 2050. Li is the founder and chief Yingfluencer with Yingfluence, a next-generation management consulting firm in that creates bridges between the United States and China. She asked Weiguo Zhu 朱卫国 to present on the power of language in building consensus. Zhu is vice president with Alibaba. Zak Dychtwald 戴三才 also spoke.  Dychtwald is author of Young China: How The Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World, published by St. Martins Press February, 2018. The half-day session also featured Tiantian Zhang 张甜甜, Lu Chen 陈露, and Keji Zheng 郑科骥,

The three-day event welcomed more than 20,000 attendees, and features 100 panels, a music show, light show, camping, and morning jogging. Dr. Wang explained, “We want to build connections that could foster new ideas and innovations from all around the world. This is the first 2050 event, so we may expect most of the participants to come from China. But for the long-term vision, we expect it to be an international gala where someone from Tokyo could meet peers from Cape Town.” A native of Hangzhou, Wang earned his PhD in engineering from Zhejiang University. He worked at Microsoft for nine years as a researcher and programmer before becoming CTO at Alibaba.

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