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You are invited to further cooperation and goodwill between nations, ecosystems, companies and individuals. If you are positive and constructive, let’s connect, share, and work together.


Sphere of Yingfluence is a social platform that connects professionals interested in business opportunities around the world with one another, while also providing access to relevant content and thought leadership of Yingfluencers. TYC is dedicated to being the World’s largest cross-cultural expertise exchange platform that promoting cultural intelligence, creativity, empathy, and access to capital.

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of The Yingfluence Community (TYC), and understand that terms will be updated online and I may also be notified by email when and if terms change. Read Terms >


Once TYC platform is working, you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to the site and will be asked to create a password and upload an avatar or icon to represent you. We ask that all members of the Community treat each other with respect, and not misrepresent their identity. Yingfluence encourages and respects the diversity of the Community, and the privacy of each member and will never sell your data or offer it to third-party developers. You may receive offers to share your input or feedback to individuals, companies or associations, and you may be compensated. We will establish a payment gateway if you are interested in being paid for feedback.


Yes, I am interested in being paid for my insights and suggestions

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