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Yingfluencers are a network of dynamic professionals who can bring cross-cultural understanding along with domain knowledge to an engagement. Yingying's expertise revolves around acting as a broker in cross-cultural transactions, including training. Please reach out to Yingfluence to initiate an



Host | Content Change-maker | Cross-cultural Leadership Coach


Yingying is the founder of Yingfluence, next-generation management, marketing, and communications consulting firm that is based in San Francisco and Beijing, She has 10+ years of experience in Cross-cultural Communication, Global Brand Strategy, International Business Development in the U.S. China, India, Turkey, and Brazil with proven ability to drive forward amid ambiguity and complexity. 


She is a Leadership Coach for Fortune 500 Corporate Executives & Mentor for Global Startups; a Trilingual Keynote Speaker (Chinese, English & Portuguese); and the co-host of award-winning podcast show “How China Works“ (reached 100+ countries). 


In 2018, she was selected as AACYF Top”30 Under 30” Chinese entrepreneur in the U.S. and China Ambassador at Shanghai Cooperation Organization Countries Youth League (SCOLAR). Previously she served as a Communication Coach at Own The Room (U.S.), a correspondent of Caixin Media (part of China's most influential financial media group). 


She is also an expert on cross-cultural branding, aiming to help the growth of multinational brands in China and Chinese companies/talents go global. She frequently shares her expertise with others through lectures and speaking engagements at universities and millennial communities, startups, investor groups, and other institutions around the globe. Born and raised in one of the most historical and cultural places where Chinese civilization began-Kaifeng, Yingying believes that "Cross-cultural Leadership" is essential for aspiring professionals to maneuver the twists and turns of a multidimensional and globalized world.

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