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Initial Consultation


Yingfluence has a unique approach and a team that combines decades of experience, as well as fresh thinking that only Millennials can bring to the table. Our mantra is "think as if there is no box." As an individual or company, you can tap into our brain hurricanes to produce amazing new business models, breakthrough branding, technology innovations and other collaborative outcomes that old school consulting firms avoid. 

What do clients say about Yingfluence?

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Yingfluence, Inc. builds bridges between people, companies, and cultures. Effective branding is the foundation for cross-cultural leadership that appeals to people across borders and generations. Brands are more than logos, style guides, IP protection for trademarks, or creating awareness. At their core, brands appeal to people on an emotional, not so much a rational level. Brain science matters when it comes to communication. The neocortex is the rational human brain and does well in processing what companies are selling – features and benefits. Most companies describe what they do, which does not appeal to the paleomammalian complex or reptilian complex. By starting with why as Simon Sinek has advocated, communicators can appeal directly to the most emotional region of the human mind. This emotional core transcends culture, gender, race, age, or other characteristics that are used to segment markets. This understanding is the foundation for the professional services provided by Yingfluence, and the proprietary offerings such as Diversity Thinking, CQ 2.0, and China Green Pass.


Yingfluence is a next-generation management, marketing and communications consulting firm. If you have an interest in collaborating with Yingfluence, please take a few minutes and complete the relevant fields in the password-protected assessment tool to explain your current state and what you would like to accomplish.

The half-day session can drill-down into your most ambitious goals as well as more tactical concerns that impede growth:

• Diversity Thinking: Assessing the Scalability of your Brand

• Marketing Infrastructure for Global Market Penetration: Operational Excellence

• CQ 2.0: Cultural Intelligence in the Age of Social Media, AI, and Blockchain

• Adding Links to the Value Chain: Strategic Cross-border Partnerships

• Business Etiquette: Verbal and Non-verbal Communications



Interested? Contact us!


NEXT STEPS,  An email will confirm you have booked the half-day session, and you may enter the password to access the assessment tools.

“Yingying would be one of the best mentors for me and our team as a tech guy and Far-East based startup, to linked with customer and investor in Global. She came from Far-East like us, years ago, might be overcome differences between our cultural base and US/Global business environment what we need.”
– Woojun Lee, CEO, Raphael Corea IT


“Yingying is very responsible and results-oriented. Her determination and talents in learning new things surpass all our expectations.”
– Marcos de Oliveira Ciriaco, Executive Coca-Cola FEMSA


“I first met Yingying at her seminar - “Understand Modern China” at Hult International Business School. I was very impressed with her cultural insights and her ability to communicate with empathy. As a cross-cultural marketer myself, I was immediately drawn by her passion and dedication for building this community of “Yingfluencers”. Her impact driven communication and effective leadership skills have made her the go-to person for any business leaders who embrace the future of globalization and multiculturalism. I highly recommend working with Yingying!

– Lillian Barclay, Digital Marketing Professional


“Yingying is a super smart, future-oriented and dynamic Chinese millennial leader. She has a deep understanding of cultural differences and how to surmount them. From our in-depth conversations, and from hearing her presentation on digital culture intelligence I've gained new insight into what it means to be a global citizen in the digital age.”
– Dada Nabhaniilananda, peak performance trainer for Cisco and Facebook


“She has a professional research and sensory exploration on the level of human communication and has been passionate and tireless.”
– Xingyi Zhou, Sr. IC Manager, China Investment Securities 


“Whether facilitating large groups or conducting private coaching sessions, Yingying utilizes the same insightful, lively, and thorough approach that underscores her mission and passion for improving cultural awareness and understanding, bringing empathy and opportunities to people in need around the world.”
– Haijiang Yu, Silicon Photonics design at Intel

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