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Cross-cultural Billionaire

When Carlos Wizard was 12 years old he started learning English with American missionaries in Brazil. At age 17 he arrived in New York with 100 dollars in the pocket to continue study English. In the USA he worked in a restaurant washing dishes to sustain himself. At age 30 he graduated from Brigham Young university in Utah. He got his first job and after a few months he was fired. Anybody who saw his resume at that time, could say that this young man was born to fail in life.

Thirty years later Carlos Wizard is part of Forbes billionaire list. His investments range from education to sports. From a large chain of natural products to a chain of fast food. From the biggest company of fintech in Latin America to the sales of cosmetics door-to-door. He has business operations in Brazil, USA and China.

This week Carlos will arrive in China to launch his new book Dreams have no limits, published by Qinghua university press. The introduction of the book was written by his friend Yu Minhong. Carlos is called the Brazilian Yu Minhong in his country because he built the largest chain of English schools in Brazil.

During his visit to our country he will lecture to students and businessmen in Beijing, Nanchang, Yichun, Wenzhou and Shanghai speaking fluent mandarin. Carlos loves Chinese people, chinese culture and chinese food. In his book, he shares with readers his chinese dream. He hopes one day to see China host the first soccer world cup.

Two years ago Carlos came to China with soccer player Ronaldo to launch the Ronaldo soccer institute which has thousands of students in many cities in our country. At that time both visited Alisports headquarters. Ronaldo signed a T-shirt of Brazilian national soccer team and gave it to mr. Ma Yun. Next week Carlos will return to visit Alisports in Shanghai to discuss a plan of cooperation between Ronaldo soccer institute and Alisports.

Since Carlos dreams big and usually achieves his dreams, we hope he is right about China hosting its first soccer world cup. According to him “We Chinese people deserve this privilege”.

( Chinese Version )

当卡洛斯韦泽12岁时,他开始在巴西跟美国传教士学习英语。 17岁时,他兜里揣着仅有的100美元抵达纽约,继续学习英语。在美国,他在一家餐厅洗菜,以维持生计。 30岁时,他毕业于犹他州的杨百翰大学。在得到了他的第一份工作之后的几个月后他就被解雇了。任何看到他当时履历的人,都可以说这个年轻人生来就是个失败者。


本周卡洛斯将抵达中国推出他的新书“梦无止境”,它由清华大学出版社出版。他的朋友俞敏洪先生亲自书写本书序言 。有意思的是,卡洛斯在他的国家被称为“巴西的俞敏洪”,因为他创立了巴西最大的英语学校连锁品牌。




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