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How to turn Public Relations Networking Efforts into a Successful Business Development Achievement?

An Unforgettable Public Relations and Business Development Experience with Alibaba Sports Group(Alisports)

Today is the last day of Chinese lunar year 2015, and I felt blessed with all the remarkable experience that I had for this entire year, especially thankful to this one which gave me more faith in doing what I am most passionate about---PR networking and international business development.

It is an incredible memory of initiating the partnership between Ronaldo Academy (RA)and Alibaba’s (the largest internet company in China) Sports Group (Alisports) through strategic public relations and business development efforts - Built trust with China’s sports industry leaders, created $10+ million revenue business opportunity.

Dreams have no limits & Thoughts are things

One day in September, 2015, through wechat, Mr Carlos Wizard Martins told me that one of his dreams would be to meet Jack Ma—Founder of Alibaba group with Ronaldoin China. Though he sounded like telling a joke, it was like planting a seed in my heart, challenging and exciting.

As the popular Chinese saying goes: Dreams are necessary, what if you accidently realize them?

But, how?

Leaders don’t wait, they act on: