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Yingfluence builds bridges across cultures, between companies, and among professionals.

Conferences 會議

2050 China

Thought Leaders 思想领袖

Community 共同体 

At 2050 in Hangzhou, China, founder Yingying Li announced the launch of
Sphere of Yingfluence, a platform to connect professionals around the world. It is free to join. It has three channels on Brands, Markets, and Capital

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Yingfluence, Inc. is a next-generation management consultancy that
builds upon the wisdom of preceding generations in creating business value,
as well as the restless energy of the Millennial generation to communicate 24/7.
Social media, crowd-sourcing, e-learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain 
all play a role in accelerating the success of entrepreneurs and
seasoned professionals who are part of the Yingfluence Community.
What People Say

Steve Hoffman

CEO of Founders Space

I am really excited about Yingfluence and I, myself, want to be a Yingfluencer! It is a great idea because it brings the cross-cultural knowledge to help the growth of start-ups.

Carlos Wizard Martins

Founder of Grupo Multi

Cross-cultural communication is very essential for doing business, and Yingfluence can help you to achieve success.

Ava Gordon

Educator and Coach

Hoping to bridge the gap between the young generation and the old generation with a product that promotes diversity, and to bring people together.

Tim Chang

Managing Director 

Yingfluence has a very great vision to bring thought leaders from China and the U.S. together to share more communication and to bridge the culture gap.

Tim Fortescue

Executive Coach 

Believe that the power of Yingfluence can bring people across the cultures together and to increase cross-cultural intelligence.

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We are located in San Francisco,

and we work with clients  

both locally and globally.

Tel : +1(650)797-1851



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