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Have a taste of our unique training and Global Experiential Programs.

Yingfluence training sessions for leaders who work in the newly globalized market. Learn how to connect, motivate, inspire, and lead across cultures.

Our program helps executives to look into themselves to understand where they can unlock potential, and also to see different perspectives and engage with themselves and their role as a global leader with greater clarity and understanding. Cross-cultural leadership involves the ability to influence and motivate people’s attitudes and behaviors in the global community to reach a common organizational goal.

Yingfluence helps you examine your own communication and behavioral patterns, skill gaps and leadership style in more depth and to find solutions to dilemmas and challenges in global context. We accomplish this via a structured workshop regimen which includes customized coaching, video training, creative talks, email support, and most importantly, actual caring.

Yingfluence's Global executive program focuses its value proposition on fostering "cognition, communication, and connection" among participants.

*Cognition: Develop cutting-edge ways of learning and mindset-shifts through cognitive experience.

*Communication: Enhance the cross-cultural communication skills, which are essential for becoming global leaders. “Communication is about leadership.”

*Connection: Explore innovative ways of making quality connections and managing relationships in different cultural settings.

Yingfluence leverages its solid network of global partners and local resources, providing the most practical and innovative engagement in Silicon Valley, with the objective of transforming executives from the diverse background to be global leaders.

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